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Family Works Community Counseling is dedicated to psychotherapy excellence for low-income families, through a modern, family-systems approach that engages the social environments in which clients live. FWCC is directed by Josh Rose, LCSW. Mr. Rose was Associate Director of the 501(c)3 non-profit, Family Institute of Richmond, from 2006-2010. In that role, Mr. Rose helped guide an almost […]


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Our Unique Approach Our approach to counseling is based on systems theory, which regards individuals as parts of larger biological and social systems. We are social animals, and our brains are wired to connect with others. Mental health, in this view, does not simply reflect the content of our thoughts; our personal history; our ability […]


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FWCC is currently accepting clients who are eligible for Victims of Crime funding, as well as those seeking quality, low-fee mental health assessments for immigration-related claims. For information on immigration-related evaluations, please click here. VOC requirements are as follows. Please keep in mind that we, at FWCC, will walk an applicant through this process, step-by-step: […]